Summary on Electrical Power Statistics in INDIA

India has a third largest electricity producer and consumer all over the world so in India electrical engineers have a more responsible to reliability of power system, quality of power and uninterrupted power supply to consumer. In any power system there is a three important pillar i.e. Generation, Transmission and Distribution so in this article we have discussed some interesting points and statistics data for power system.
  • India has a third largest electricity producer and forth largest electricity consumer in all over the world with the 1,031TWh. and India has also fifth largest installed capacity in the world.

  • Indian government taken as a large initiation in conventional and non- conventional power sector and  deiced installed target for conventional energy will be about 100GW under 13th five year plan (2017-2022). which had 88.5GW in previous plan.

  • For non-conventional energy, government has been deiced to increased target upto 175GW till 2022, In which 60GW from wind energy, and 100GW from Solar power. Currently total installed capacity for renewable energy about 36.5GW as on october 2015. 


Top companies in Energy market of INDIA:

  1. NTPC - NTPC is India's Largest and 6th  largest thermal power producer in the world with installed Capacity 45.05GW
  2. TATA Power - Tata power works in Solar, Wind, Hydro and Geothermal energy. Its a largest integrated company in India.
  3. Reliance Power- This company has a operational power unit about  6GW and has to planned installed capacity about 35GW
  4. CESC Limited -  This company works on both generation  and distribution of power with 1225MW  installed capacity.
  5. NHPC - India's Largest Hydro power producer with installed capacity about 6.7GW.
  6. Adani Power - Adani power is the largest private thermal power producer in India with installed capacity about 10.4GW and increased upto 20GW by 2020.
  7. Power Grid Corporation of India Limited(PGCIL) -  Its only transmission utility of India and responsible for planning, co-ordination, supervision and control over inter-state transmission systems.
  8. Damodar Valley Corporation -  its works on generation transmission and distribution.
  9. SJVN Limited - Its a second largest hydro power generation company of India .
  10. Power Finance Corporation Limited-  its work for financing and development activities in Indian power sector.

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