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  1. Paramjeet Singh Jamwal
    • Member ID: 1201
    • Label: Basic Electrical Engineering, Power Station, Power Electronics, Electromagnetic Field Theory, PhD and Diploma Admission Info, PhD and Diploma Job Info, Study Material (B.Tech Notes, Diploma Notes, Practical Report, and Project Report), Research Info, MATLAB, ETAP.
    • Playlist: Basics of MATLAB Programming, Basics of MATLAB Simulink.
  2. Rajeev Kumar
    • Member ID: 1701
    • Label: Basic Electrical Engineering, Power System, Research Info, M.Tech and B.Tech Admission Info, M.Tech and B.Tech Job Info, Study Material (B.Tech Notes), Tech Info, SSC JE.
    • Playlist: Uttarakhand General Knowledge.


  1. Sachin Gogna
    • Member ID: 1801
    • Label: Study Material (B.Tech Notes and M.Tech Notes), GATE.
    • Playlist: Basics of Electrical Engineering, Tips and Trick of Excel, Useful Videos.

  1. Amarjeet Singh Jamwal
    • Member ID: 1401
    • Label: Basic Electronics Engineering, Study Material (B.Tech Notes and Project Report).
  2. Munesh Kumar Singh
    • Member ID: 1402
    • Label: Study Material (Project Report).
  3. Anshul Dixit
    • Member ID: 1702
    • Label: Study Material (B.Tech Notes and Diploma Notes).
  4. Ashutosh Maithani
    • Member ID: 1703
    • Label: Study Material (B.Tech Notes).
  5. Ranjan Kumar Sapkota
    • Member ID: 1705
    • Label: Study Material (B.Tech Notes).
  6. Ravish Kumar Singh
    • Member ID: 1706
    • Label: Tech Info

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