Smart Solution For Power Shortage

Power Shortage is one of the biggest problem of the world. Therefore in this article Ravish Kumar is suggesting one the solution for it.


  • Realization that electrical energy-sourced accessories to an evolving lifestyle are cleaner and thus more environmentally sustainable than other readily-available forms of energy provision.
  • Not enough electrical generation to economically power all the consumption that has increased since that realization.
  • Excessive space taken up by windmills, photo-electric arrays, generating stations.
  • Excessive pollution caused by atomic and fossil-fueled electricity sources, CFL and CCFL lighting.
  • Expensive electrical provision from general suppliers to consumer locations
  • Lack of initiative to develop large coal and natural gas resources present in India

Current Scenario in India

  • The electricity sector in India had an installed capacity of 223.625 GW as of April 2013, the world's fifth largest.
  • Captive power plants generate an additional 34.444 GW.
  • Non Renewable Power Plants constitute 87.55% of the installed capacity and 12.45% of Renewable Capacity.
  • Installed electricity capacity are shown in the below figure.
  • Per capita average annual consumption in India - 96 kWh in rural areas & 288 kWh in urban areas
  • Worldwide per capita annual average consumption - 2600 kWh
  • India - world's fourth largest energy consumer after United States, China and Russia.

Reason of Increasing Demand

  • India's manufacturing sector is likely to grow faster than in the past.
  • Domestic demand will increase more rapidly as the quality of life for more Indians improve.
  • About 125,000 villages are likely to get connected to India's electricity grid.
  • Currently blackouts and load shedding artificially suppresses demand.
  • Transportation.
  • Increasing Population.
  • Agriculture.


  • Awareness Program.
  • Increase Power Generation.
  • Use Efficient Equipment.

Electrical Equipment

It has been broadly classified into four categories: IT Sector, Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC), Lighting and Electric Motor.

Electric Motor

Commonly used motor are: DC Motor (DCM), Synchronous Motor (SM) and Induction Motor (IM). Out of which induction motor is mostly used motor which have 50-60 % efficiency. If we can have efficient motor than power shortage can be reduced.

The solution is Permanent Magnet Motor which is of two types: PMSM (Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor) and PMBLDCM (Permanent Magnet Brushless Direct Current Motor). Both the motors have 80-90 % efficiency. PMSM is available with High and medium power rating i.e. used in satellite etc. PMBLDCM is available with lower power rating i.e. used in computer etc.


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Written By:

Ravish Kumar, Diploma Scholar, Electrical Engineering (EE), Phonics Group of Institutions (PGI), Roorkee - 247667, Uttarakhand, INDIA, 2017.


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