Audio Amplifier Circuit

Audio amplifier circuit is used to amplify audio signals by increasing their amplitude. In this article a simple class A amplifier will be used to amplify  audio signal with the use of BC547 npn transistor.

Components Required:- 

1. Transistor BC547

2. Resistors 

3. Capacitors

4. Battery 9 Volt

5. Connecting wires

6. Breadboard 

Circuit Diagram:- 

Fig.1 Audio Amplifier Circuit 

Working:- In this circuit Transistor BC547 is working in active mode and connected in potential divider biasing arrangement. Electrolytic Capacitor C1 is used to bypass high frequency noise near transistor emitter  terminal and C2 is used as coupling capacitor. Loudspeaker being used is 0.5 Watt, 10 Volt and 8 ohm. If we go through calculations current drawn by speaker will come around 8 mA. When audio signal is applied to the base of transistor it acts active mode and produces amplified signal at collector terminal. 

Author:- Amarjeet Singh Jamwal authored articles on Basic Electronics EngineeringElectric Traction, and Electronics Practical for INFO4EEE Website

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