Types of Artificial Intelligence - Course on Deep Learning

Welcome back readers! Till now we have learned about the definition of artificial intelligence and its history. Today’s article will be the closure to the first big topic “Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence.” Remember that it is an underrated topic but it is helpful to develop keen interest in this field.

Types of Artificial Intelligence

The two categories in which artificial intelligence can be classified is human-related and tech-related.

Human Related

This category classifies the AI based on human thinking abilities, basically focusing on “ARTIFICIAL” part of Artificial Intelligence.

  1. Reactive Machines: This is the system with no memory element. There is no previously gained experience in these kind of artificial intelligence. It only reacts to limited sets of input conditions. Remember the IBM’s computer named Deep Blue discussed in our previous article, who beat the world chess champion Gary Kasparov, that is a perfect example of this type of AI.
  2. Limited Memory: The drawback of “no memory element” overcame in this type of AI. As the name says, this model has a limited memory which stores the information based on the amount of training data provided to it. All the deep learning models based present day applications fall under this category.
  3. Theory of Mind: Now you all may be wondering if the present day applications are based on previous type, now what!! Well, this “theory of mind” is the future. The human emotions, thoughts and feelings can be understood by machines. For now, this is only a concept and scientists are in progress to make it achievable.
  4. Self-Aware: Here is the nightmare. If the machines will be able to understand human emotions, they will act on their own. They will use their power as per their will. Remember the Indian movie “Robot” where a scientist made a machine that looks like him, and later that machine became the cause of destruction for mankind. The similar can happen in real life as well, if not taken care from the beginning.


This category classifies the AI based on machine thinking abilities, focusing on “INTELLIGENCE” part of Artificial Intelligence.
  1. Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI): Whatever AI based machines we see today are all part of ANI. It operates under limited set of constraints. Object detection and speech recognition are few examples.
  2. Artificial General Intelligence (AGI): An AGI mimics human actions. It comprises learning and problem solving tasks. It is basically everything which we see in sci-fi movies.
  3. Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI): ASI will replicate the multi-faceted intelligence of human beings. This means ASI will be better than humans at every task they can perform.

Applications of Artificial Intelligence?

  1. Object Detection: When we open the camera in our smartphones, a box appears around our face. That’s what we call object detection.
  2. Speech Recognition: Speech to text translation is common in smartphones now-a-days. We can just speak and Google will search engine will show us the related results. Also, who doesn’t know about Alexa.
  3. Text Recognition: Along with the touch and type keyboard in our phones, there is an option of writing keyboard, where we can write anything using our finger to write the text which we want to enter.
  4. Other day-to-day examples: Some other examples are calculator, video calling feature, WhatsApp, Facebook and other social media platforms. Even the article which you are reading right now is possible because of Artificial Intelligence only.
Dear readers, thank you for your patience and support which motivated us to provide quality content in a gist. From next article we will start the topic “Fundamentals of Machine Learning.”

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  1. Although I am not a tech savvy person but with your simple and knowledgeable description(explanation) I got the basic idea through deep learning series that Artificial Intelligence (AI) Techniques are becoming more useful and replacing traditional approaches. I would like to thank you for this valuable and very informative learning series. Now in next article I just want to know more about its applications with related to manufacturing and service systems.

    1. Dear sir/Ma'am,

      Glad that you find our article helpful. We will give our best to meet your expectations and will surely cover the topic in detail that you asked for.
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  3. I didn't even have a basic idea of ​​Artificial Intelligence before this series startedBut now I got the basic idea through deep learning series that Artificial intelligence techniques are more useful. So thankyou so much for this valuable and very informative learning series.
    Very nice job👍🙏

    1. Dear Sir/Ma'am,

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