Tips to Stay Focused on Research Work

If your are doing research or planning to do research then following tips by professors given during the short term training programme on "PLC, Drives and Industrial Automation" organized at Sant Longowal Institute of Engineering and Technology (SLIET), Longowal, Punjab, India sponsored by TEQIP-III during Mar 02-06, 2020, may be helpful to you:

Dr. Ashwani Agarwal, Associate Professor, SLIET Longowal

  • Try to relate your research work with practical application. For Example: Machine Vision is playing an important role in safety, health, security, comfort, fun and access.
  • Put some light on present problem associated with your research work.

Prof. Shailendra Jain, Director, SLIET Longowal

  • Our objective is to minimize efforts and improve efficiency and accuracy of output. For example in percentage system, second division is allotted for those who obtained marks between 45=<Percentage<60, while first division is allotted for those who obtained marks between 60=<Percentage<75. There is sudden shift in division at 60 i.e. 59.60 got second division while 60 got first division.
  • Accuracy of percentage system can be improved with the help of fuzzy logic in which boundary of division at 60, is varied between 55 to 65 with some weight-age.
  • Try to understand the importance of particular method, topic and results.

Dr. K. S. Nagla, NIT Jalandhar

  • Try to improve your knowledge with related software. Example: RSLogix Micro Starter Lite for PLC operation.

Prof. R. K. Bansal, MRSPTU Bathinda

  • Create environment of your research work and highlight its research problem.
  • Try to develope your mind to get placed in good organization.
  • Need to understand the difference between subjects. Example: Physics and applied physics. In physics you are more concerned with principle and mathematical derivations, while in applied physics we need to be more concerned about practical aspects and application.
  • Even after improvement in performance of product it may be rejected if it is less reliable.
  • VHDL diplays the glitches in digital signals.
  • In digital electronics students should be able to draw programmable logic array (PLA).
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