Introduction to Power Electronics


The applications of Solid State Electronics for the Control and Conversion of Electric Power.


  1. Heat Control
  2. Light Control
  3. Motor Control
  4. Power Supplies
  5. HVDC System


  • 1900 – History begun with introduction of Mercury Arc Rectifier. After this Metal Tank Rectifier, Grid Controlled Vacuum Tube Rectifier, Ignitron, Phanotron, and Thyratron were introduced.
  • 1948 – Invention of Transistor at Bell Telephone Laboratories by Barden, Brattin, and Schokley. 
  • 1956 – Invention of PNPN triggering transistor (Thyristor or SCR) at Bell Telephone Laboratories. 
  • 1958 – Commercial Thyristor by General Electric Company.


  • M., H., Rashid; “Power Electronics: Circuits, Devices and Applications,” Prentice Hall India, Second Edition, 2006.

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