Introduction To MATLAB Simulink and Its Elements

Simulink is one of the toolbox available in MATLAB which provides you the facility to create a graphical model of any system. Graphical model created in this environment generally known as simulation of the system. Simulation is easy to create as compare to coding in matlab.

MATLAB Coding require knowledge of several commands to create a M-File. While to create a simulation model, there is no need to remember these commands. You can create a simulation model by dragging desirable block into '.mdl' files and simply connect them. The symbol of MATLAB Simulink is shown in Figure-1.

Figure.1 - Symbol of MATLAB Simulink.

When you click on this symbol, It opens the Simulink Library Browser in new window. The screen capture of this window has been shown in figure-2. In this window there are lots of tool boxes i.e. Aerospace Blockset, Communications Blockset, Control System Toolbox etc along with Simulink. While in this MATLAB Module-II, We are going to discuss Simulink toolbox and we will create the simulation using simulink tool box only.

To create a new simulation model, just click on the new model button which darken by orange color and shown in figure-2.

Figure.2 - Simulink Library Browser.

When you click on above mention button, a new blank model file is open, which is untitled. The screen capture of this blank model file is shown in figure-3.

Figure.3 - Untitled New Model of MATLAB Simulink.

You can save this file with the name of your choice after clicking on save button darken with orange color. When you click on save button a new window is open where you can change the name of file according to your choice. A screen capture of this window is shown in figure-4.

Figure.4 - Change File name.

When finally you click on the save button, the name of the file is updated with the name of your choice. Final blank model file is shown in figure-5.

Figure.5 - New Model file with Updated Name.

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  1. sir i am fresher to learn to simulink i am electronics background,can you provide wht r the things i need to learn to get a job in matlab

  2. Dear Suresh

    First of all try to clear your basics about simulink. For that you can refer our post as well as some books are also available for this.
    Secondly you need to learn simulation related to the field in which you want to work. For Example: If you want to work in Communication Industry then you need to work on related simulation.

    Thanks for Your faith in INFO4EEE
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