Ten Facts of Electrical Engineering

  1. Electric Current does not flow in the electrical circuit, only charge flow from negative terminal to positive terminal, and we assume that current flow in the circuit from the positive terminal to negative terminal.
  2. Electrical Current flow due to the only potential difference.
  3. In three pin plug earth pin is thicker and longer to provide the low resistance path for leakage current and assured the safety of electrical instrument.
  4. An electrical engineer can be asked to calculate the transmission line voltage by looking only on insulator string, because one insulator is about 11kV. Example: If any string having 6 insulators, Then the transmission line voltage will be 66 kV.
  5. In kW, kVA, kA, "k" is small alphabet not capital which denotes killo. KW, KVA & KA is wrong to display.
  6. In any Circuit Breaker making capacity is 2.55 times of breaking capacity.
  7. The actual rating of Zero watt bulb is  5W to 15W. As mechanical electrical meter is not much precise hence not measure the low power consumption.
  8. Ratings of Electrical devices: Transformer & Alternator -  kVA/MVA, Fuse - A, Motors - kW/MW, Battery - VA.
  9. Induction Motors consumed about 70 % of Electrical Energy out of over all produced in the world.
  10. Indian Train equipment works on 110 V AC.

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