How To Generate Sinusoidal Waveform Using MATLAB Simulink

In previous matlab tutorial post, we get Introduction to MATLAB Simulink and its elements. Now in this Post-02 of Module-II, we will learn to create our first simulink model.

First of all open new model and drag Sine Wave block from simulink library browser under sources which is under simulink tab. To select the value of sine wave do double click on sine wave block. The screen capture of sine wave block and selection window is shown in figure-1.

Figure.1 - Sine Wave block and its selection panel.

Following parameters are shown in sine wave selection panel. we have used time based sine type i.e. wave is plotted against time. Time is same as of simulation time. Amplitude, frequency, phase and sample time has been taken 10, 5, 0 and 1 micro second respectively. Now drag scope from simulink library browser under sink which is under simulink tab and connect it with sine wave block. The symbol and selection panel of scope has been shown in figure-2.

Figure.2 - Symbol of Scope and Scope window.

Now your simulation model is complete. To run this simulation model click on start simulation button. After complete running of simulation, click on scope button which shows the output generated using the simulation and given in figure-3.

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Video Tutorial: Learn to generate Single Phase Supply waveform using MATLAB simulink.

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