How To Generate Sawtooth Wave in MATLAB Simulink

In previous matlab tutorial post, we have discussed, How to generate sinusoidal waveform using MATLAB Simulink. Now in Post-03 of Module-II, we will learn to create the simulation of sawtooth wave.

There are two blocks to generate sawtooth wave i.e. Repeating sequence and Signal Generator. We will generate the sawtooth wave with the help of both blocks and compare it. Drag both the block from Simulink library browser into new model file. Now drag a scope also into new model file. The screen capture of all three blocks has been shown in figure-1.

Figure.1 - Symbol of Repeating Sequence, Signal Generator and Scope.

There are two ways to observe the output of two source: 1) Connect two source with two scope OR 2) Connect two source with one scope. We will choose second options to observe the output of scope. Hence do double click on scope block, then do single click on parameters icon. All three windows with their order has been shown in figure-2.

Figure.2 - Upgrading scope for two sources.

Change number of axes form 1 to 2 as we want to display two sources on same scope. Now connect both source block with scope. The Complete simulation model has been shown in figure-3.

Figure.3 - The complete simulation model of sawtooth wave.

To run simulation click on start simulation button. The output generated using above simulation model has been shown in figure-4.

Figure.4 - Output of Sawtooth wave Simulation.

It is shown that both the blocks are generating sawtooth wave but both are complementary to each other.

Video Tutorial

Learn about "Repeating sequence in MATLAB Simulink" through video tutorial.

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