One Liner about Computer for RRB JE


In this article Computer related one liner will be discussed 

1. Charles Bavage is known as the father of Computer.
2. Alan Turing is known as the father of modern Computer Science.
3. Computer literacy day is observed on 2 December.
4. Computer mouse was invented by Douglas Engelbart.
5. John MacCarthy is known as the father of Artificial Intelligence.
6. The inventor of Java language is James Gosling.
7. The inventor of HTML language is Tim Berners-Lee.
8. The inventor of C language is Dennis Ritchie.
9. The father of C++ language is Bjarne Stroustrup.
10. Kathleen Booth invented first assembly language.
11. Christopher Latham Sholes invented first Computer keyboard.
12. Vint Cerf is known as father of Internet.
13. Language used in computer for scientific work is FORTRAN ( Formula Translation).
14. HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) is known as backbone of world wide Web.
15. VIRUS is acronym for Vital Information Resources Under Sieze.
16. Assembler convert low level language into machine language.
17. Compiler converts high level language into machine language.
18. Topology is a network connecting tool.
19. Mozaik is first graphical Web browser.
20. Linux is an open source operating system.
21. Mac is an operating system used in Apple company mobiles.
22. Ubuntu is a cloud computing operating system used in crew management system of Indian Railways.
23.Computers used in railways and banks are called main frame computers.
24. MS word, Notepad and word pad are word processing application softwares.

Author:- Amarjeet Singh Jamwal authored articles on Basic Electronics EngineeringElectric Traction, and Electronics Practical for INFO4EEE Website

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