One Liner about Electric Machines Practical Applications for RRB JE

In this article We will talk about the machines which we use in daily life but don't know the name.

1. DC series motors are used in conventional Electric Locomotives, cranes , Electric rickshaws  and electric elevators. Reason behind it is DC series motors have very high starting torque as torque is directly proportional to square of armature current and speed reversal of DC series motors is very easy.

2. DC shunt motors are used in lathe machines, toys, light materials cutting machines, conveyors and textile Mills etc. Reason behind the use is dc shunt motors have constant speed and torque at light loads.

3. DC compound motors are used for intermittent load like rolling Mills, stamping machines, Electric presses and conveyors.

4. Capacitor start capacitor run motor is used in ceiling fan.

5. Shaded pole type induction motor is used in AC compressors , centrifugal pumps, hair dryers, laptop and computer cooling fans.

6. Hysteresis motor is used in CD player, DVD players and tape recorders. It is a type of synchronous motor.

7. Universal motor is used in mixer, grinder, drill machines and vacuum cleaners. Universal motor can operate on both AC and DC with approximately same speed & efficiency.

8. Reluctance motor is used in constant speed applications like electric clocks, recording instruments etc.

9. Three phase squirrel cage induction motor is used in ABB company made electric Locomotives and GM & GE company made diesel Locomotives.

10. AC Servomotor is basically a two phase induction motor. Servomechanism is a method in which some mechanical parts movement is done with the help of air pressure and motor. Examples of servomechanism are found in Pantograph and wiper of Locomotives.

11. Brush less DC motor is used in artificial heart pumping.

12. Synchronous motor is used as booster for power Factor improvement.

13. DC shunt generator is used in battery charging.

14. Three phase induction motor and three phase alternator combination is used in conventional Electric Locomotives to convert single phase into three phase. The unit of both motor alternator set is called as ARNO.

15. DC Compound generator is used in arc welding.

16. Stepper motor is used in floppy disc drive, hard disc drive, 3D printers, scanners and robotics for precise speed and control.

17. PMDC motor is used in windshield wiper,  power window and blower in automobiles.

18. Linear induction motor is used in automatic sliding doors in electric trains.

Author:- Amarjeet Singh Jamwal authored articles on Basic Electronics EngineeringElectric Traction, and Electronics Practical for INFO4EEE Website

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