First Step into the World of Space Science and Technology

Astrospace Research Cube Pvt Ltd Workshop Moments at Green Valley English School Varanasi

Hello Friends, Today we are here to provide you a first step which will take you into the world of Space Science and Technology. We have telephonic and electronic mail conversation on Space Science and Technology with Mr. Shatwik Vikram Singh who is a Managing Director of Astrospace Research Cube Pvt Ltd (AsRC) Varanasi Uttar Pradesh India. Through this post we will share with you the answers of Mr. Shatwik Vikram Singh to our Questions on Astrospace Research Cube and Space Science & Technology. I hope our conversation will give you some insight about Astrospace Research Cube and open up a path for you into the world of Space Science and Technology.

What is Astrospace Research Cube?

Astrospace Research Cube is the First Private Space Research & Education Based Company Initiated in the Holy City on the Banks of River Ganga. Varanasi, the Land of Spirituality & Science itself has many Unsolved Mysteries in terms of Ancient Space Science & Astronomy which makes this Place most Favorable to Encourage our Generation to Explore, what has been forgotten. With a Mission to Explore the World of Space Science & Technology & to Acknowledge the Efforts of some Great Scientists, Researchers & Contributors; Astrospace Research Cube is Aiming to Create an Environment which will be Surrounded by Stars, Planets, Rockets, Satellites and many other interesting Celestial Objects which will take you to a New World.

What is Astrospace Research Cube known for?

Our Primary Focus is to Dedicate our Resources and Time Towards Promoting Space Education across  the Country by providing Technical Knowledge via organizing different Seminars, Workshops, Webinars, and various Technical Meets and Competitive Events which will Facilitate and Assist our Youth in Leading the Ongoing Space Race. For More Info, Visit Us on following link

Who is running Astrospace Research Cube?

This company belongs to all those space lovers who wish to dedicate themselves to lead the ongoing Space Race. Everyone who is working to uplift this field is the part of our community.

Who can get benefits from Astrospace Research Cube?

Anyone who is in schools from Grade 1 to Grade 12 or pursuing careers in different fields of Engineering, Management or any other streams can get benefits from the company in many ways.

How Astrospace Research Cube can help me in my career opportunities & growth?

If you are an enthusiast who wish to dedicate themselves to a mission of spreading knowledge among the student community can find their career as
  1. An Entrepreneur
  2. A Researcher
  3. An Educator
  4. A Business Developer
  5. An Intern
  6. And many more!

What are the basic steps to join Astrospace Research Cube?

To join AsRC, send your resumes to and we will get in touch with you.

Can EEE students starts career in the field of Space Science & Technology?

As mentioned earlier, any member of the student’s community can start their career in the field of Space Science & Technology with the opportunities provided by Astrospace Research Cube. Space doesn’t belong to any individual, it is open for all of us. Each & everyone has right as well as duty to serve this field as “It is our Future”

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