Best YouTube Channel to Learn MATLAB

Through this tech info article, we are sharing the list of best YouTube channels to learn MATLAB related to Electrical and Electronics Engineering.
  1. RK Thenua has 18.9K subscribers on YouTube. RK Thenua created the playlist on MATLAB Programming practice problems, MATLAB plotting, Basics of MATLAB, Image processing in MATLAB, graphical user interface, simulink based design, and MATLAB and Simulink.
  2. Simulink Tutorial has 18K subscribers on YouTube. Simulink Tutorial created the playlist on Simulink tutorialsMATLAB scripting, and model based development (MBD) interview questions.
  3. Dr. Rashi Agarwal has 16.2K subscribers on YouTube. Dr. Rashi Agarwal created the playlist on Image Processing using MATLAB.
  4. Sun Innovative has 15.4 subscribers on YouTube. Sun Innovative created the playlist on Three-phase simulation, DC drive, Boost converter, AC drive, AC to DC converter, Power Quality MATLAB, Closed Loop MATLAB Simulation, Multilevel Inverter, Commutation of Thyristor, and Classification of DC-DC Chopper.
  5. Tech Simulator has 11.9K subscribers on YouTube. Tech Simulator created the playlist on single phase inverter, three phase inverter, buck converter, boost converter, phase shifter full bridge, and concepts.
  6. INFO4EEE has 3.17K subscribers on YouTube. INFO4EEE created the playlist on Basics of MATLAB Simulink, Basics of MATLAB Programming, and Power Electronics using MATLAB Simulink.
  7. Nageswar J. has 1.26 subscribers on YouTube. Nageswar J. uploaded the videos on multilevel inverters and induction motor drives.
As on 06 December 2022

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