Top 5 Tips for Achieving Success in Engineering

Hello Friends, Today we are here with top 5 tips which we get during the interview with Mr. Vipul Singhal for achieving success in engineering. He is working as Assistant Professor in Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) Department of Sant Longowal Institute of Engineering and Technology (SLIET) Longowal since 2014. He is in teaching profession since 2011. We hope his tips will help you to achieve success in your engineering study.
  1. Basic should be strong: You are going to study for eight semester then you should have good grip on your intermediate basics.
  2. Aim should be clear: You may be preparing either for government job or private job. Do not bother yourself in multiple aim.
  3. Analyze your capability: Your only competitor is yourself. Don’t be jealous with others. Protect yourself from getting demotivated.
  4. Key To Success: Hard-work and self-confidence should be together. Hard-work should be done while self-confidence may be GOD gifted or can be generated.
  5. Planning should be proper: First plan for the aim and execute it in disciplined way. Consistency in execution is must.
Thought of the Day
“Time is Too Precious, Consume it Carefully”

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