Distribution STATCOM (DSTATCOM) - Symbol, Working and Application

Distribution Statcom


A DSTATCOM is a voltage source converter based compensating device which is connected in parallel with the distribution system to control the flow of reactive power. 

In its most basic form, the DSTATCOM configuration consists of a dc capacitor, one or more inverter modules and a transformer to match the inverter output to the line voltage. Figure shows the schematic representation of DSTATCOM. In this arrangement, the steady state power exchange between the device and the AC system is mainly reactive. The VSC converts the DC voltage across the storage device into a set of three-phase ac output voltages. These voltages are in phase and coupled with the AC system through the reactance of the coupling transformer. Suitable adjustment of the phase and magnitude of the DSTATCOM output voltages allows effective control of active and reactive power exchanges between the DSTATCOM and the AC system 

Figure-1: Distribution Statcom (DSTATCOM)


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