Unemployment of Engineering Graduates

Unemployment is a major problem faced by engineering graduates. Therefor we have a discussion on this problem with Dr. Akhilendra Singh Yadav. He is Dean Academics and Head of the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering at College Of Engineering Roorkee (COER). He has 15 Years of teaching experience.

We asked some questions about B.Tech students which has been given in following paragraph:

Why B.Tech students switched into different career opportunity?

According to Market response, a large number of Engineering graduates are jobless because Maximum of them are getting admission into B.Tech course without cracking Joint Entrance Examination (JEE). The students who are joining B.Tech (Bachelor of Technology) course are aimless. They are not aware about their aim. Present students don’t have patience and doesn't want to do work hard on their studies, they only depends on Teachers. They are always try to find the shortcut way to be succeeded in semester examinations. Students doesn't want to do work hard on their subjects so they don’t have a good knowledge of engineering subjects whenever he passed the semester exams with one night studies but still they don’t know properly about the subject concept. So there is a big blunder of their life, They had not payed their duties properly. Due to Their careless attitude for studies, will always failed in any exams and interview for his whole life. These types of students again try to find a loophole to find success and try to attempt others career  like banking, Insurance, BPO.

How can they decide proper goal in engineering field?

If student wants to succeed in engineering then he need to do self study and need to prepare their notes there self. The important examination for B.Tech student is Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) which can fulfil their dream in engineering. The student need to prepare for it from the start of Second year of their B.Tech. He/She need to prepare their study notes from first year itself and protect all of them up to completion of the course. Because all the notes are necessary to clear the concept for the GATE.

Why Engineering students are not succeeding in engineering?

There are two facts behind this problem. First one is from college side and second one depends on students itself. According current scenario many businessmen have came into education system to make only good profit so they appoint incompetent faculties which may be one of the reason to weaken the  academics.

Now the days, To join engineering courses is too much easy as compare to other courses because more number of engineering colleges are available without any entrance test. Hence the students who are coming in engineering are not very much interested to study engineering subjects so that they failed to match with industries requirements.

Is smart classroom concept is good for the students?

The traditional way of teaching is very good. Because you need to get step by step study in which you can clear your concept easily. Power-point based study is not able to provide you sufficient exposure.

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