Mother Tears Her Son's Electrical Engineering Degree

Current scenario of education is changed, It is only focusing on theoretical aspect and ignoring the value of practical knowledge. Now the value of a student is judged by their academic marks i.e. if he is scoring highest marks then he is intelligent if he fails to achieve it no one cares about him. Maximum companies/Colleges/etc are thinking about to grab the student with highest marks candidate. They are more focused to quantity not in quality either it is marks or it is money. The result is that maximum students are getting degree and minimum student are understanding its value. Example: You will find maximum of B.Tech holder in the field they don't belong.

One of the good example is seen in Bhopal where Mother tears her son's electrical engineering degree after he fails to repair fan at home. A student named as Ankur Mahajan did his B.Tech in Electrical Engineering form LNCT Bhopal in 2017. Now He is preparing for IES. The incident happened when a ceiling fan of Ankur’s drawing hall stopped working. Ankur’s mother asked him to repair the fan since he’s an electrical engineer. Ankur did not have any option to refuse and started repairing it. But even after several attempts he couldn’t identify the problem let alone resolving it. The disgruntled mother then brought down Ankur’s degree, which was hanging on the wall of the drawing room itself, and tore it apart. When Faking News reporter spoke to Ankur, he said, Yaar electrical engineer hun electrician thodi na hun jo fan, tv aur mixer theek karu. isse accha to ITI hi kar leta. ghar wale bhi khush rehte aur job bhi mil jati.”

This incident proved that our education system is only focused to distribute degrees. The reason behind this is because of ignorance of practical work. Maximum number of students didn't know the value of laboratory work in their B.Tech course. One major reason behind this problem is that the condition of the faculty of Engineering colleges. Almost faculty of every private colleges in India is working on a salary One half or one third or even more less than he deserve. Along with that they are required to work as Admission coordinator, Customer Care Executive, Security Guard, Maintenance responsibility and so many other. Now How can a faculty focus on the future of the engineering student. The result of this is the student are getting only degree.

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