Application of Field Effect Transistor


  • Main Advantage: High Zin and Low Zout
  • Uses: General Purpose measuring equipment, receivers.

RF Amplifier

  • Main Advantage: Low Noise
  • Uses: FM Tuners, Communication Equipment

RF Mixers

  • Main Advantage: Low Distortion
  • Uses: FM and TV receivers, Communication Equipment

AGC Amplifier (Ohmic)

  • Main Advantage: Ease of Gain Control
  • Uses: Receivers, Signal Generators

    Cascade Amplifier (Active)

    • Main Advantage: Low Input Capacitance
    • Uses: Measuring Instruments, Testing Equipment

    Chopper Amplifier

    • Main Advantage: No Drift
    • Uses: DC Amplifiers, Guidance Control Systems

    Variable Resistor (Ohmic)

    • Main Advantage: Voltage Controlled
    • Uses: Op-amps, Organ tone controls

    Audio amplifier

    • Main Advantage: Small Coupling Capacitors
    • Uses: Hearing Aids, Inductance Transducers

    RF Oscillators

    • Main Advantage: Minimum Frequency Drift
    • Uses: Frequency Standards, Receivers


    Albert Malvino and David J Bates, “Electronic Principles”, 7th Edition, TATA McGRAW HILL.

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