Most Important Points | Classes of Transistor Amplifier Operation |Competitive Examination

Suitable for the post of Junior Engineer in BSNL, DMRC, DRDO, PTCUL, RRB, UPCL, etc examination.
  1. Class - A: Transistor operate in active region at all times i.e. collector current flows for 360º of the ac cycle.

    • The maximum efficiency of class A amplifier is 25%.

    • It has very less distortion.

    • Used in low power amplifier.

  2. Class - B: Collector current flows for only half the cycle 180º. This is why transistor transistor Q-Point lies at cut off.

    • The maximum efficiency of class B amplifier is 78.5% with Push-Pull arrangement.

    • It has small to moderate distortion.

    • Used as power amplifier.

    • Uses push-pull effect and complementary output transistors.

  3. Class - C: In this operation Collector current flows for less than 180º of the ac cycle.

    • The maximum efficiency of class C amplifier is near to 100%.

    • It has large distortion.

    • Used in Tuned RF Power amplifier and final amplifier stages in communication circuits.
Author: Mr. Amarjeet Singh Jamwal, Assistant Loco Pilot, Ambala Division, INDIAN RAILWAY.

Reference: Albert Malvino and David J Bates, “Electronic Principles”, 7th Edition, TATA McGRAW HILL.

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