MCQ - LOGIC Family Application

Hello Friends, we are providing mostly asked questions in competitive exams from Logic family, we hope today's post will helpful for you.
  1. Most widely used Bipolar Family - Transistor-Transistor Logic (TTL)
  2. Two fastest logic families used in high-speed application - Emitter-Coupled logic ECL)
  3. Three MOS family that dominates the LSI field is  - NMOS
  4. Four MOS family used extensively where lowest power consumption is necessary - CMOS
  5. TTL circuit act as a current sink in - Low State
  6. TTL circuit act as a current source in - High State
  7. TTL series most suitable at high frequency is - FTTL
  8. Fastest saturated logic family - Transistor-Transistor Logic (TTL)
  9. Logic family which gives complementary output- Emitter-Coupled logic (ECL)
  10. Logic family prefer in super fast computer- Emitter-Coupled logic (ECL)
  11. IC-integrated circuit used in watched & calculator- CMOS
  12. The slowest logic family - Metal Oxide Semiconductor (MOS)
  13. Logic family which consume maximum power - Emitter-Coupled logic (ECL)
  14. Logic family which has highest Fan-out  - CMOS
  15. Logic family which has highest noise margin - CMOS
  16. Logic family most suitable for SSI and MSI - Transistor-Transistor Logic (TTL)
  17. Logic family with both logic level negative - Emitter-Coupled logic (ECL)
  18. Logic family which consume the least power - CMOS
  19. The number of input gate is designed to handle- Fan-In
  20. Number of sub families TTL has - 8
  21. Logic family highest packing density-  Integrated Injection Logic (IIL)
  22.  Logic family which is simplest to fabricate- Metal Oxide Semiconductor (MOS)
  23. Logic family ideally suitable for LSI/VLSI application - Metal Oxide Semiconductor (MOS)
  24. Newest Logic family - Integrated Injection Logic (IIL)
  25. Most expensive IC - Resistor Transistor logic (RTL)
  26. logic family with their required basic gates:
    1. RTL - NOR
    2. DTL -NAND
    3. IIL - NOR
    4. HTL - NAND
    5. TTL - NAND
    6. ECL - OR NOR
    7. CMOS - NAND NOR
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