How To Create MATLAB Simulink To Identify Cycle in The Waveform

Dear Readers, Some time it becomes necessary to identify the cycle of the input waveform to switch on and off the system. Therefore, In this MATLAB Simulink tutorial Post-10 of Module-II, we will learn to create the simulation to identify the polarity of the input waveform.

First of all open simulink library browser, and create new model file. After this drag some block i.e Sine Wave, Signum and Scope from the library to model file and then connect them accordingly as shown in figure-1.

Figure.1 - Simulation Model to Identify Cycle.

Output of sine wave block is fed to the scope to analyse input to signum block and also to signum block to identify the cycle in sine wave. Output of signum block is fed to second axis of the scope to analyse output generated through signum block. The selection panel of all the three block is being discussed in following sections:

1) Sine Wave: This block generate the sinusoidal waveform of amplitude 2, frequency 5 Hz and phase angle 0 degree.
Figure.2 - Selection Panel for Sine Wave Block.
Sampling time has been selected as 10 micro second.

2) Signum: This block generate the output one (1) for positive input, minus one (-1) for negative input and zero (0) for zero input.
Figure. 3 - Selection Panel of Signum Block.
Sampling time has been selected as 10 micro second.

3) Scope: This block display the waveform fed to it. Scope window has been divided into two axis in which first is displaying input given to signum block whicle second is displaying output generated by signum block.
Figure.4 - Scope Output Window.

It is clear from the figure-4 that signum block generate the pulse of magnitude one for positive cycle and pulse of magnitude minus one for negative cycle. Thus the cycle of the different waveform can be identified using this simulation.

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