How To STORE MULTIPLE MATRIX with Single Variable in MATLAB

In previous matlab tutorial post, we have discussed about How to apply IF ELSE in MATLAB with its matlab program. Now in Post-18 of Module-01, we will discuss about how to store multiple matrix with single variable in MATLAB. 

To understand this problem we are creating three matrix i.e. A, B and C and saving them in variable P. A matlab program for this problem has been shown in figure-1.

Figure.1 - MATLAB Program for saving multiple matrix with single variable.

All three matrix has been generated using the command written in line-4 to line-6 and copy it in variable P by writing a command written in line-7 to line-9. First colon ':' in P is used to select all the rows while second colon ':' in P is used to select all the columns. Third number i.e. 1, 2 and 3 is used to select the layer of matrix.

Figure.2 - Command Window output for storing multiple matrix in single variable.

Therefore matrix A is saved as first layer of matrix P. Similarly matrix B is saved as second layer of matrix P and matrix C is saved as third layer of matrix P. A message on command window has been display with the help of command written in line-10. While command written in line-11 display the matrix P on command window. Output of this matlab program has been shown in figure-2.

Output of matlab program has been called on command window by its name i.e. 'mod0118' which display that three matrix has been merged into single variable P.

Video Tutorial : How To Store Multiple Matrix into Single Variable in MATLAB.

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