What is MATLAB and its elements

MATLAB is "the language of technical computing" which perform matrix calculations. It stands for MATrix LABoratory.

MATLAB mainly consists of four sub-windows i.e. command window, command history, current directory and workspaces.

Figure - Screen capture of MATLAB software showing basic elements.

Command Window: It consists of ">>" and all the command is executed in this window.

>>clc %This command is used to clear the screen.
>>clear all %This command is used to clear the screen as well as to delete all the variables created.

Workspace: It displays all the variable which is created in the command window. Matrix 'A' is the example of variable.

Example: A = [ 1 2 ; 3 4 ] Variable A is a matrix of 2 rows and 2 columns.

Command History: It contains the list of commands typed in the command window. You can run that command directly by click on it.

Example: A = [ 1 2 ; 3 4 ]

Current Directory: It shows the path of the folder in which current files are being saved.

Example: rcecircle.m: rcecircle is the name of the file saved in MATLAB and '.m' extension represents m-files. All the codes written in MATLAB is saved in this file.

Video Tutorial: Basic Window of MATLAB.

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