Overview about Electric Locomotive of Indian Railway

This post will give you an overview about some parameters i.e. speed, weight, power and manufacturer related to electric locomotive of Indian railway. These parameters vary with the different electric locomotive i.e. Goods locomotive, passenger locomotive, mail/express locomotive and Shatabdi/gatimaan locomotive.

SPEED: Shatabadi locomotive has highest running speed. Mail/Express locomotive run at lesser speed than Shatabadi locomotive. Passenger locomotive run at lesser speed than Mail/Express locomotive. Goods locomotive run at lowest speed. The highest speed rating of all the locomotive has been given below:

Shatabadi/Gatimaan Locomotive: 160 KMPH
Mail/Express Locomotive: 140 KMPH
Passenger Locomotive: 120 KMPH
Goods Locomotive: 100 KMPH

WEIGHT: Shatabadi locomotive has highest weight. Goods locomotive has lesser weight than Shatabadi locomotive. Mail/Express locomotive has lesser weight than Goods locomotive. Passenger locomotive has lowest weight. The highest weight rating of all the locomotive has been given below:

Shatabdi/Gatiman Locomotive: 123 Ton
Goods Locomotive: 118.8/123 Ton
Mail/Express Locomotive: 112.8/123 Ton
Passenger Locomotive: 78/113 Ton

HORSE POWER: Goods locomotive has the highest horse power rating. While all other locomotives i.e. Mail/Express, Passenger and Shatabdi/Gatimaan have lesser and equal horse power ratings. The highest horse power rating of all the locomotive has been given below:

Goods Locomotive: 5000/6120 hp
Mail/Express Locomotive: 4620/5440 hp
Passenger Locomotive: 4620/5440 hp
Shatabadi/Gatiman Locomotive: 4620/5440 hp

MANUFACTURER: The most common manufacturer of Indian Railway locomotive are followings:
Asea Brown Boveri Ltd (ABB), Chittaranjan Locomotive Works (CLW)

By: Mr Amarjeet Singh Jamwal, Assistant Loco Pilot, Indian Railway (IR).

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