How to Split matrix into number of Sub-Matrix in MATLAB?

Previously we discussed about, How to merge non-identical size matrix in MATLAB. Now in Post-13 of Module-01, We will discuss how to split matrix into number of sub-matrix in matlab.

To understand this problem, we are taking a 5x5 matrix in variable IJKLM as shown in figure-1. The section of the matrix has been highlighted into five sub-matrix in which matrix will be split.

Figure.1 - Matrix IJKLM in command window.

The matlab program for this problem has been shown in figure-2. Matrix IJKLM has been loaded using command written in line-5. Command written in line-7 to line-11 split IJKLM into five matrix I(2x3), J(3x2), K(1x3), L(2,1) and M(2x4). Example: Command written in line-11 select row 4 to 5 and column from 2 to 5.

Figure.2 - MATLAB Program for splitting matrix.

Splitted sub-matrix using above matlab program has been shown in figure-3.

Figure.3 - Output on command window showing five matrix.

It is clear from the figure-3 that matrix IJKLM has been successfully split into five matrix.

Video Tutorial : How To Split Matrix into Different Parts in MATLAB.

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