Previously we discussed, How to interchange a row/column of two matrix in MATLAB. Now in Post-11 of Module-01, We will discuss about, how to merge identical size matrix in matlab.

To understand this problem, We are taking four identical size 2x2 matrix and loading them into variable A, B, C and D using command written in line 4 to line 7 of matlab program shown in figure.1. A command written in line 13 merge these four identical matrix into single matrix ABCD.

Figure.1 - MATLAB Program to merge identical size matrix.

The output generated using above written matlab program on command window has been shown in figure.2, after clicking on 'Run mod0111.m' button. It clearly shows that all 2x2 matrix has been merged into a single 4x4 matrix.

Figure.2 - Output of matlab program to merge identical size matrix.

While performing this matrix merge operation remember one thing that dimensions of respective matrix should match. Now next question which comes into our mind is that, how to merge non-identical size matrix in MATLAB. This problem we will discuss in our next post.

Video Tutorial : How To Merge Multiple Matrix in MATLAB By INFO4EEE

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