Application of Electrostatics

Almost all computer peripheral devices, with the exception of magnetic memory, are based on electrostatic fields. Touchpads, capacitance keyboards, Cathode-Ray Tubes, Liquid Crystal Displays and Electrostatic Printers.

In Medical work, diagnosis is often carried out with the aid of electrostatics, as incorporated in Electrocardiograms, Electroencephalograms and other recordings of the electrical activity of organs including eyes, ears and stomachs.

In Industry, electrostatics is applied in a variety of forms such as paint spraying, electrode-position, electrochemical machining and separation of fine particles.

In Agriculture, electrostatic is used to sort seeds, for direct spraying of plants, to measure the moisture content of crops, to spin cotton and for speed baking bread and smoking meet.


Paramjeet Singh Jamwal, Lecturer, Guru Nanak Education Trust Group Of Institutions, Roorkee - 247667, Uttarakhand, INDIA.


Matthew N. O. Sadiku, "Principles of Electromagnetics", OXFORD University Press.

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